The Property

In the aftermath of her kidnapping by sex traffickers, Caroline is recuperating at her parents’ estate. She needs time to heal, out of the public eye. But that isn’t the only reason. As the daughter of a prominent United States Senator and with the ongoing nature of the investigation, the FBI suggested she lay low until there was a certainty she is no longer in danger. Months pass and Caroline itches to return to a normal life, but there is another reason her time in seclusion is even more difficult, and he goes by the name Trent Roberts. Seeing him day after day and denying her attraction has become difficult to control. 


Trent is a team member of Donovan Security, a private security firm contracted by the government to handle high-stakes operations. At the recommendation of the FBI, the senator hired the firm to assist in the location and retrieval of his daughter. Trent is the first person Caroline laid eyes upon when rescued, and he hasn’t left her side since. Now he is her personal security and spends every waking moment watching over Caroline. The consistent reminder she is his client and not a potential suitor plagues him every time he looks at her.  


Everything has been quiet, and Caroline is ready to move forward with her life. One unfortunate summer afternoon everything changes. The need to get Caroline to a safe location forces Trent and Caroline to live in close quarters, closer than they already are. Would Trent and Caroline be able to control their desires and not blur the lines? 


Heat Level: Scorching

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