The Trade

After a harrowing end to her last relationship, Lila Norris swears off men. A strong desire to start over lands her in Dallas Texas, and a new job with Donovan Security. Lila thinks she found happiness again, until she meets the co-owner of the firm, Drake Donovan.


Drake, the ultimate alpha male, is single by choice. He avoids any semblance of a relationship, only casually hooking up with women who know the drill, until he meets Lila. Drake instantly desires Lila, but knows he has to stay away.


Everything changes when a prominent client walks through the door. Needing a woman to be a decoy in the operation, Lila volunteers, forcing her and Drake to work together – very close together. While uncovering a sinister plot, will they give in to their mutual attraction and jeopardize the operation?


Heat Level: Scorching