What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on several projects, but primarly focusing on a new series, Broken Springs Ranch, which takes place in Wyoming. There are several books planned for this series.
Can I pre-order your books?
Yes. New releases will usually be available for pre-order. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter on the website to receive updates on release dates and pre-order links.
How many books are in the Donovan Security Series?
At this time, there are four books planned, maybe more if my readers would like to know what happens with the other characters.  
Are your stories based off of real people or your experiences?
My stories are purely fictional. While some of my characters might present a slight resemblance to people I know, they’re products of my imagination.

Do you write anything outside of the romance genre?

Yes. I currently have a novel in the works that falls within several genres. I don't want to call it women's fiction because it can hit home for all people. It is a change of life, coming to find themselves kind of book that shocks you and pulls at your heart strings at the same time.