The Claim

Zoe is one of the most recognized faces in the fashion industry. The tall beauty graces the covers of many magazines, walks the runways of New York, Paris, and Milan, but she lives a double life. Often her two lives intermingle and this is one of those times. Arriving in the United Arab Emirates, Zoe is on the quest to uncover the sinister behavior of a very prominent figure, until there is a kink in her plan by the name of Dallas McKinney.


Dallas, an agent with Donovan Security, is in the UAE following a lead in the investigation of a sex trafficking organization. Working undercover as U.S. based oilman Dallas Mitchell, he is trying to locate two victims thought to have been brought to the UAE.


All is going as planned until the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on walks through the doors of the welcome party. Little does Dallas know, this spirited lady will put a glitch in his operation. He has no other choice but to include Zoe or risk blowing their cover. Unfortunately, an unexpected turn of events alters their course. Will Dallas be able to complete the mission while keeping his heart intact? 


Heat Level: Scorching


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